I Have Some Amazing Friends

I received the following message from a friend. First of all it was completely random. Secondly, it makes me freaking happy that amazing people like this exist in this world. Lastly, I’m even happier knowing that I can be an inspiration to one other person on this planet.

THIS is why I keep going.

I just had to send you a message and let you know that you have been doing an amazing job and you look FANTASTIC. I’m inspired by anyone on this journey because I know how difficult it is but when it’s someone young with so much potential and they do this and flourish, it just makes me really happy because you have your WHOLE life ahead of you and with all the hard work you are doing, you are insuring it will be a long and healthy life and that’s the best thing we can ever hope for.

I wish you continued success. Keep up the great work, you motivate me every day. Never forget where you came from but don’t look back so much that you lose sight of where you’re going.


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